How to Softmod a XBOX 360 free guide

XBOX 360

 -- The Firmware Mod --

Ver 0.3 by JungleJim

The ambition of this document is to clearly but briefly outline the steps necessary to play legally heldbackups on your XBOX 360 console. Your DVD drive is partnered to you 360 Console without this keyyour 360 will never play games.*** You must have the DVD Key from your drive before you erase your drive ***

The firmware mod uses modified DVD drive firmware to allow users to play legally held backups of their precious and expensive Xbox360 games. To use this mod you need to be able to perform thefollowing task.1. Flash/write modified firmware to the xbox360's DVD drive.2. Create Backups of your legally held XBOX 360 game discs

--Flashing the DVD drive--
Identify the Model of DVD Drive
There are currently 4 vendors of DVD Drive.
  • Hitachi
  • Samsung
  • Benq
  • Lite-On

You can make quick ID from the drives Tray.To differentiate between Benq and Lite-On you will need to remove the front bezel from the consolebut often the date of manufacture is a good guide. Lite-on drives first appeared in April 2008, sobefore this it's a Benq for sure.

To differentiate between Benq and Lite-On you will need to remove the front bezel from the consolebut often the date of manufacture is a good guide. Lite-on drives first appeared in April 2008, sobefore this it's a Benq for sure

Modifiable Drives
At present all drives are modifiable, but they vary in complexity.
Vendor Model Status
Samsung MS25 unlocked trivialSamsung MS28 soft unlock trivialHitachi 46/58 unlocked trivial can be flashed in windows and over USB SATAHitachi 47/59 soft unlock trivial can be flashed in windows and over USB SATAHitachi 78 unlocked trivial can be flashed in windows and over USB SATAHitachi 79 locked trivial can be unlocked with an audio CD, then same as 78Benq 62430C soft unlock trivialBenq 64930C soft unlock trivialLite-On 74850 locked moderate, key can be extracted via serial debug port on the driveLite-On 83850 locked trivial, key can be extracted over SATA and decryptedLite-On 83850 v2 locked complex, key can be extracted by full dump and requires rework.Lite-On 93450 v2 locked complex, key can be extracted by full dump and requires rework.
Items you will need
360 console :)
360 Console opening tool and a T10 screwdriver.
SATA Cable
Compatible SATA Ports on a PC, preferably VIA 6421 PCI card
for Hitachi only and USB 2 SATA adapter may be used, 3in1 type is not recommendedNecessary for Lite-On drives
Philips head screwdriver, to open DVD drive
Soldering Iron & other paraphernalia, solder, flux, braid etc.
Xacto-Knife - to cut traces

Opening the 360 console
First step is to gain access to the DVD drive itself. Opening the console is relatively simple and can bedone without any permanent damage being done, if you are careful it is possible to do it w/o therebeing any tell-tale signs. Llama have done an excellent tutorial on opening the case: Here is an abridged offline copy for offline readers. Also, an opening tool can be very helpful.
First things first remove the faceplate. If you skip this step andgo on to removing the top and bottom plates you will find theycan be removed but you greatly increase the difficulty andchances of breaking the little tabs off the top and bottom plates.The easiest way to remove the face is to use the finger hole atthe bottom of the console and simply pull forward. (In this photothe Xbox is upside down)
Give her a good tug and pop!
Starting with the gray bottom vent plate, six tabs that hold it intoplace. You will find that all of them are accessible from thesides through the vent holes. Gently pull up on the plate andsimultaneously release the clips by pushing in with the openingtool or other tool that fits through the hole.
Start at the front of the case and work your way back alternatingsides so each pair of tabs are released.
Keep gentle pressure to pull it up and away as you go
The top plate offers a bit more of a challenge 3 of the six tabsare not in plain sight, begin with the front two, they can beaccessed from the two corresponding holes where the drive trayconnects. The opening tool has a cut out so it fits just right toreach the two clips.
The next two are visible through the vent holes and easilyaccessible.
The final tab can be released by removing one of the Xbox feetat the rear to reveal a hole
With the top and bottom vent covers removed we now lay thexbox down upside down. This makes the process much easieras the chassis is screwed to the top. With the bottom shell, (theone with the feet) pointing toward the sky we see theseinnocent looking 7 little holes.
This is where the opening tool really comes into play. Whenreleasing the clips I find it helpful to spread the case with mythumb and forefinger, then position the tool so the tool lines upwith the two holes by the power cord.Press in on the tool, you should hear crisp clicks as the clipsrelease and the case should pop open a bit.
Continue to spread the case apart and push in on the vent area,there are a couple more spots where the case connects butthese are not clips and do not require the tool. When you pressin nothing too impressive will happen but you may notice thatthe case spreads slightly further apart.Then flip the tool around and line up the 5 tabs with thecorresponding holes. Continue spreading the case apart fromthe right side and press the tool in.You should hear a series of more click clicks and the case isfree. Spread the back apart a couple inches it should be able torest open while you spin it arround to work on the front
Begining with the front clip nearest the DVD drive a fingernailwill suffice as an opening tool. A little pressure spreading the lidapart and it should pop right open
same with the next clips
and the last
Lift the lid and ta-da a steel chassis presents itself, in this photothe six screws that need to be removed are circled. You shouldbe very proud at this point shout to anyone that will listen "I gotthe thing open!" Okay now settle down and remove those sixscrews with a torx 10 driver.
Flip it back right side up but before yanking the other half of thecase off remove the eject button. Just jamb a fingernail underthe right hand side and give a yank it will pop out. You canwiggle the case around and get it off without removing this butthe chance of damage drops to zero if you already took it off.
Lift the lid and there we go! This is another good time forshouting to anyone in the room... use your best judgment.
You should now have a plie of parts that looks something likethis.