How to Softmod a Playstation 3 free guide

Playstation 3

This article will explain How to installing Custom Firmware on Playstation 3. CFw ( Custom Firmware ) is different with the Jailbreak. If the jailbreak still needed tool / dongle also known as "PS Jailbreak", but CFw does not need the dongle anymore to be able to play backups games of PS3.

The Jailbreak basically do not change/modify the official firmware from the PS3 system, but CFw is ps3 softmod that's have modify / hacks the firmware from Sony's PS3.

What the benefits of PS3 CFw - Softmod as compared with the jailbreak?

  • CFw don't need PS-JB dongle anymore.
  • Simply turn on the PS3 as usual.
  • Can online multiplayer via DNS / Proxy tricks if sony has not blocked.
  • Can download the DLC for DNS / Proxy Trick.
  • Can playing Backup or BD games (Use JB dongle could playing games too).

There are a few PS3 CFw are currently running very well and to be able to play PS3 game backups, namely:

  • CFw 3.55 Waninkoko v2.
  • CFw 3.55 Wutangrza.
  • CFw 3.55 Kmeaw.
  • CFw 3.41 Hermes.

That are widely used CFw3.55-Kmeaw, then CFw3.55-Waninkoko v2 and CFw3.41-Hermes. CFw 3.41 Hermes is no different with using the jailbreak, work on Fw 3.41, just not need the dongle anymore, but you need to run Hermes V4D.pkg every time while turn on / Rebooting the ps3. This CFw is still need to edit param.sfo & replacing the eboot.bin for a newer game that requires a firmware above 3.41, This is a good one of CFw 3.55. So what's your choice?

All the installation has the same way, but in this tutorial will only be explained how to install PS3 CFw 3.55-kmeaw.. its easy to install and unlike waninkoko’s CFw, is perfectly safe too, These are my options.

***Download: ( ** - Download file supported by: )
**PS3 CFw 3.55-Kmeaw. - Removed.
*Fix Permission for CFw 3.55.

*MultiMan 2.00 - PS3 Backup Manager. 
*Rogero Backup Manager.

**PS3 OFw 3.55. (Removed).

Installation Instructions:


  • PS3 with OFw 3.41 - 3.55, if not, you need to update to OFw 3.55. If you have previously installed any other CFw, install OFw 3.55 first via RECOVERY mode before proceeding.
  • A USB flash drive or portable media device with FAT32 formatted.

Step 1: 

  • Extract and copy the ‘PS3UPDAT.PUP’ to your USB Drive ‘usb0:/PS3/UPDATE/PS3UPDAT.PUP’, You can create all folder in all uppercase letters - CAPS.
  • Extract and copy the ‘Fix Permission for CFw 3.55’ to the root of your USB Drive. ‘usb0:/’.
  • Extract and copy the ‘MultiMan’ and BDEMU pkg file to the root of your USB Drive. ‘usb0:/’.

And now, Update your PS3 firmware as normally via ‘XMB’ > ‘Settings’ > ‘System Update’, then select ‘Update via Storage Media’. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the update.

PS3 CFw 3.55 Kmeaw installation

Note: If a message appears saying your PS3 already at the latest version, then you'll need to update your PS3 CFw via RECOVERY mode. 

PS3 Update via Recovery Mode.
Turn the PS3 on Recovery Mode and select System Update from the menu. Read here, To boot PS3 into Recovery Mode.

When update completed, PS3 will reboot to xmb, and you should see the ‘Install Package Files’ and the ‘App_Home/Ps3_Game/’ under the Game menu.

PS3 SoftMod Hacks tutorials

Step 2: Goto ‘Install Package Files’, you should see the PKG installer on your usb drive. then, Run ‘Fix Permission’ to install its on xmb. Now run Fix Permission again from xmb to creating patch file for CFw 3.55... Not need for CFw 3.41 Hermes.

The patch process will take 5-10 second, and you should see the blank screen under this process, when its done, you'll back to the xmb. And now you can uninstall ‘Fix Permission’ from xmb, by press ‘Triangle’ > Delete.

Step 3: Now that CFw is installed, its time to get the PS3 backup managers to work. There are several backup manager for PS3 such as MultiMAN, Open Manager, Rogero BM Manager or Gaia Manager, I recommend and using MultiMAN...

Goto ‘Install Package Files’ again, Run ‘BDEMU’ first, when its done, Run ‘MultiMAN’ pkg file to install its on xmb. You have 3 options for the games folder name, GAMES, GAMEZ or BDRIP, select one, This folder name will be used to store your game backups. Now you should have backups manager running on your PS3. 

PS3 MultiMan Backup Manager

PS3 GAIA Backup Manager

Some notes on backup managers – you need to have any original PS3 Bluray game inserted and you must boot from XMB to play PS3 Games from internal or External usb harddisk, for External usb hard drive, put your games into same folder name you have select.