How to Softmod a Playstation 2 free guide

Playstation 2

What You Will Need:
A PS2 Capable of Transferring Files to your Memorycard (Ex: Phat PS2, Will Work on Slim just need to transfer on Phat then load on slim)
Something to transfer Files To Your PS2 Memorycard (Ex:Codebreaker, Armax)
A USB Capable Device (Ex: PSP, Ipod, RDD, Camera)
The Soft-Mod PS2 Pack DOWNLOAD:

The Next Step:
Transfer all the CBS files in the pack to your memorycard fromcodebreaker
Now you want to reset your PS2 and with codebreaker inside still and load it till it gets to the SMS screen
Next you want to go to the browser settings and scroll down to mc0:/BADDATA-SYSTEM/BOOT.elf
Now then save and exit to mc0:/BADDATA-SYSTEM/BOOT.elf.
It will take to FreeMCBoot 1.5 Now You Want to press X and Install FreeMCBoot.
After thats finished shutdown your ps2

The Next Step:

Now turn your PS2 on and wait for it to load you should get nothing but a black screen thats good
Then uLaunch.elf should now load 
Then Congratulations you have soft-modded your PS2 Now your Ready to load codes for Socom CA, Play Burned PS2 Games, And Load Emu's and Homebrew.

Note: If you get nothing but a black screen and nothing pops up everytime you reset your PS2 its an easy fix just take your memorycard out let it go to the ps2 browser and delete the files and turns your ps2 back to normal. And if it keeps going to the browser its either because you did it wrong or you don't have a ps2 controller plugged or the disk trays open.